PLAGUE! And kolaches. 05-15-2015

Originally Posted may 15, 2015

Oh man. What a week.

Mother’s Day was rough.
You know how every holiday has a way of pinging SOME demographic. Mother’s Day is a pinger for me, and for a lot of moms for all kinds of reasons. Mine are fairly common– single parenting means there’s no partner to help your child select (or pretend they selected) a gift or make a card, or to do any of the cutesy things social media and Hallmark lead you to believe happens in every household BUT yours. Additionally, a 3 year old is not a great appreciator-of-mom or respector-of-obligatory-holidays. So, Mother’s Day is usually a bit of a wash, but it kinda bummed me this year.

Her school made a sweet gift from the kids, which, unfortunately, was food. Chocolate covered strawberries. They were DELICIOUS and my daughter, just starting to tap into the idea of gifts and doing for others, refused all but one strawberry, and demanded I eat three while she watched me. Twist my arm, hahaha!

Sundays I work a second job at a church nursery, so we were up early and out the door. Our routine is that Daughter always gets a donut. We stop at the same donut store, she picks out one beautiful donut of her choice (adorably, she picked blue icing because blue is my favorite color), and I gaze longingly but do not get anything for myself. I used to get a kolache every Sunday. If you don’t know about the joys of savory kolaches, then you’re better off that way and you should not investigate further, but here’s insight into the amazing sin of Kolaches. It’s very sad, but my restraint is downright Biblical.

After church, we had to run off, pick up my sister from her assisted living place (she is mentally and physically disabled) and off to visit my mother. Visiting my mother is an entire torment of it’s own for all kinds of reasons.

At my mother’s house, Daughter spiked a fever, causing me to call into the evening portion of my second job at the church and head into a family dinner in full-swing, complete with cake and fajitas. Mmm. Fajitas.

The food parts of MD were rough. The sweetness of my daughter parts were nice. Further, she told me we needed to go to the store and buy flowers and jewelry for me. So she got some brownie points– which is good because she was a plague-induced jerk for the following 3 days.

My daughter had(has?) strep throat, because if there is strep to be caught, one or both of us will catch it. Cue messed up sleep cycles, stress-induced cravings, missing work, and three days primarily trapped indoors due to mass flooding (didja see all those flood pics from Houston from Tuesday? That was my neighborhoodish. Yay!) and illness. My scale haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates me.

But. I still managed to sneak to the gym three times in four days and sneak in a walk (Daughter got a bike ride) and managed NOT to eat the whole house from boredom — a major downfall for me. I do MUCH better out of the house. And sure, playing Candyland 8,359,322 times with a three-year old is pretty exciting, as is watching EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of Super Why! on Netflix (there are really really a lot of episodes), but, you know. That leaves a lot of time to think about cupcakes.

So. I have a weigh-in tonight and one in a couple of days. I should make one just fine– the other… well, I’ll be eating a lot of raw veggies and water the next couple of days. Hoping for the best. I was at my goal last week, so it should drop off as salt-and-stress weight fairly easily. I ate nachos last night. Carefully portioned, within my budget nachos, but nachos, none-the-less. With regular yellow corn chips. And velveeta. THAT’S RIGHT. Not even real cheese. It was delicious. And today I am puffy with salt.

I don’t have anything profound or insightful or funny to say today. I have to remember that my stresses don’t have to defeat my hard work. I am not bound by grumpiness or hormones or sadness.

Also, my ankle seems to be better. I did not really rest it, but I did buy a decent brace, and it has been helping. Barely any ankle pain. So now my hip hurts. HA! But it’s all tolerable, so not a big deal.


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